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New Jersey Jewish News (NJJN) has been a trusted voice in the New Jersey Jewish community for nearly 70 years. Published by the Jewish Week Media Group, NJJN provides coverage of local, national and world events; explorations of Jewish culture and the arts; supplements for the holidays, celebrations and lifestyle topics; and a wide array of feature stories. Subscribing to NJJN is a great way to keep a pulse on Jewish life in the heart of NJ. If you are a Federation donor, you automatically receive NJJN. If you do not, you may subscribe for a donation of $36 or more. 


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New Jersey Jewish News is independently published by Jewish Week Media Group. Its editorial content neither reflects the views of, nor is controlled by The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey. The Jewish Federation is proud to help bring NJJN to readers in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties, as a virtual gathering place where all voices and views can be respected and reflected.